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Walmart Online
Plastic Handle Barbecue Coal Wood Scissors Clip Tong 12" Length
Used Item
Uncommon Form Antique Fireplace Ember Tongs For Food Cooked in Coals
Used Item
Wrought Iron Fireplace Tongs Hearth For Coals 18TH C
Used Item
Antique Coal Tongs English Solid Brass Fireplace Scissor Style Ember Tool Unique
Used Item
Traditional Cast Iron Bowed Log / Coal Tongs
Used Item
Antique Vintage Cast Iron Stove Coal Tongs Fireplace Tool W/brass Topper 22-3/4
Used Item
Vintage Antique Brass Coal Tongs with Tiger Clutch Feet and Fireplace Tools
Used Item
Antique Brass Claw Hands Coal Ember Tongs
Used Item
Vintage Antique Iron Fireplace Tongs Hearth Tool For Coals Look Blacksmith Made
Used Item
Antique Vintage Cast Iron Stove Coal Tongs Claw Fireplace Tool Primitive
Used Item
Antique/vintage Cast Iron Metal Long Ember Coal Charcoal Tongs Black
Used Item
Decorative Iron Ember Coal Tongs Charcoal 15 Long Vintage Antique
Used Item
Vintage - Coal Tongs - Star Pattern
Used Item
Victorian Antique Fireplace Cast Iron Coal or Wood Tongs Stove Fingered 15.75
Used Item
Vintage Black Metal Coal Tongs Fireplace Star Heart 14
Used Item
Vintage Cast Brass Coal Hearth Tongs Figural Serpents
Used Item
Primitive Antique 22.5 Long Pig Iron Fireplace Hearth Coal Tongs Mantle Tool Po
Used Item
Antique Rare English Solid Brass Fireplace Coal Tongs W/serprent Heads Ca 1850